What’s Maskshop OMOTE?

Maskshop OMOTE deals exclusively in masks. In Japanese, “OMOTE” can mean “face” or “mask” or “surface.” We stock a wide variety of masks, particularly of contemporary Japanese mask makers but also from many periods and regions. You’ll surely find your favorite mask here. Drop by our shop when you come to Tokyo. If you can’t make it, not to worry as we also sell online so you can have it delivered right to your door!

We renovated a traditional Japanese terraced house built before World War Ⅱ. The first floor is a simple design featuring wood. We have many masks on display waiting for you! Pick a favorite, try it on and take photos if you like. Next, climb the narrow and steep stairs to get to the second floor. We have even more masks including familiar ones as well as mysterious masks you’ve likely never seen before. You are sure to have a unique experience once you visit us!

Maskshop OMOTE is located in the “Kirakira Tachibana” shopping street near Tokyo Sky Tree. On both sides of a street so narrow cars are impassable, there are traditional community-based stores, such as a delicatessen, greengrocer, fishmonger and Tsukudani store (Tsukudani is traditional preserved food such as fish, shellfish and seaweed) Just by walking down the street you will be able to feel the life of good old Japan.

Maskshop OMOTE
Address: 3-20-5 Kyojima
Sumida-ku Tokyo 131-0046
Tel: 070-5089-6271
URL: kamenyaomote.com
SNS: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook
Open:Sutrday and Sunday(1pm-6pm)

Precautions before entering

We offer our products online. You can get your favorite masks here.

If you have any inquiries, interview requests or would like to order a custom made mask, please contact us here.