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仮面屋おもて 大川原

If you are having trouble disposing of your masks, please give them to us for free. We will reuse them responsibly. There are many different types of masks and masks. Even if you think, “Maybe this is not a mask? Please feel free to contact us.

We do all kinds of business related to masks, and we are sure that we can reuse your masks effectively. Masks are somehow difficult to throw away. Please contact us before paying a memorial service fee after an exorcism. Even old masks can be given a new lease of life in the modern age.

▼Examples of reuse
Use in events, stages, videos, advertisements, etc.

▼Examples of items that we can take back
Noh masks, kyogen masks, kagura masks
Noh masks, Kyogen masks, Kagura masks
Lion heads, headgear for local performing arts, fox masks
Retro toys, celluloid masks, character masks
Pro wrestling masks, gas masks, Venetian masks, plague masks, etc.
Items made by you (works of art, items that you have trouble placing)
Items of unknown origin (folk art from various places and countries, etc.)
Masks for SM, rubber masks for various types of play
Headdresses used in fashion shows
Costumes and headwear used in campaigns, etc.
Sports protectors, welding masks, etc.
Horror masks from movies, etc.
Oriental and Western armor
Masks for dolls
Various dolls

Please feel free to ask us anything else!

Please contact us first before worrying, “Is something like this okay? If you have any questions, please contact us first. In addition to picking up your items, we can also suggest effective ways to use them.

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